After a lot of thinking and discussion with fellow activists, I’ve decided I want to stand for President of the National Union of Students. NUS has frequently been irrelevant to students. Certainly that has been the case during the struggles of the last month. So why stand in an NUS election? Mass struggle on our […]

I am sending the following email to societies, clubs, activists and trade unions asking them to show their support for the Iranian trade unionist, Shahrokh Zamani, imprisoned for doing trade union work! We are trying to collect 10, 000 signatures over the next academic term!  ** Dear [society], We are running a campaign in support […]

Activity Update August – Mid September 2013 I was re-elected as Vice President of the University of London Students’ Union in March of this. My second term started at the beginning of August. I am going to re-start writing regular reports of my activity as ULU Vice President, as well as articles on the student […]

  The NHS is being rapidly privatised, to huge detrimental effect. Services are being sold to private providers, and unless plans are stopped in their tracks, it’ll only get worse and worse. This year plans were announced to charge £200 annual fees to international students for use of the NHS. This cannot go ahead. UCLU […]

This weekend the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) – the largest left wing student network of education workers and students in the UK – –  held a national student conference in London. At the closing plenary I gave a speech and read a poem, ‘L’homme est mort’, followed by a minute’s silence in memory […]

Students at the University of London today carried out a high-visibility publicity stunt at the heart of the University to highlight the lack of holiday pay for its outsourced workers. In a stunt focusing on the issue of holiday pay, the students marched into Senate House, the administrative centre of the University of London, adorned […]

As the President and Vice President University of London Union (ULU), we applaud the successful anti-fascist mobilisation against the British National Party (BNP) on 1 June in London, and send our full solidarity to those who were arrested having successfully prevented the fascists from marching through Whitehall. We are proud to have taken an active […]