Free Shahrokh Zamani! Sign the petition!

I am sending the following email to societies, clubs, activists and trade unions asking them to show their support for the Iranian trade unionist, Shahrokh Zamani, imprisoned for doing trade union work!

We are trying to collect 10, 000 signatures over the next academic term! 


Dear [society],

We are running a campaign in support of an Iranian trade unionist called Shahrokh Zamani, whose case has been covered by Amnesty UK and Human Rights Watch.

A member of the Painters’ Union, he has been imprisoned since June 2011 for the ‘crime’ of attempting to build independent trade unions to stand up for his and fellow workers’ rights. International human rights organisations say that Shahrokh has been physically and psychologically abused, denied medication, and denied visitors.

Between now and January 2014, we will be seeking to collect 10,000 signatures in workplaces, universities, colleges, schools, and communities to demand Shahrokh’s release.

We are writing to you to ask if you will help us with the campaign.

Here are some things you can do:

Any help or support you can offer will be gratefully appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon!

Many thanks,

Daniel Lemberger Cooper

Vice President, University of London Union (ULU)



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