ULU ‘Student Bloc’ on 18 May Defend London’s NHS Demo

University of London Union (ULU) ‘Student Bloc’ on 18 May Defend London’s NHS Demo

An unprecedented coalition of health campaigners, trade unions, medical staff and London residents have called a demonstration to defend London’s NHS on 18 May.

The Coalition is attacking our health service on a scale never seen before. This is part of a strategy to eradicate the gains of previous generations of working-class people, and leave the health and wellbeing of future generations to the dictates of the market.

Local campaigns have been formed all across the country, from 25,000 thousand people marching to save Lewisham Hospital’s A&E and maternity services and 50,000 people demonstrating in Stafford, to 80,000 people signing a petition against closures in North West London. The campaigns in London are linking up demand that the government ceases its attacks on our NHS and provides funding for the care we need.

After the success of similar contingents on the TUC, Save Lewisham and Defend Whittington Hospital demonstrations, ULU will be organising a ‘Student Bloc’ on the 18 May Demo.

As students living in London, using the health service, or hoping to work in the NHS, we all have an interest in linking up with health workers, trade unionists and community campaigns to defend it.


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