Statement on the ‘London Student’ Election

The ULU elections committee has annulled the result of the London Student editor election and proposed that the election is “re-run” at ULU Senate on 28 May.

Naturally, this decision had absolutely nothing to do with me (ULU elections committee is independent of the ULU sabbaticals). Moreover, I oppose it.

I do not believe that a small body like ULU Senate should substitute for the democratic decision of thousands of students. (You will recall that last year, shortly before taking office, I made a similar demand about having an election to replace Sean Rillo Raczka – see <a href=”>here</a>.) If the elections committee wanted to disqualify a candidate, they could have done that. If not, they should have accepted the result, or advocated a new election.

At ULU Senate I will propose that Senators vote RON so that we can have a new, properly balloted election of all ULU members for London Student editor.

I want to add two other things.

Current London Student editor Jen Izaakson has been very vocal about this issue, denouncing the election committee’s decision and implying a cover up. The latest edition of London Student has been used as part of this campaign.

This is somewhat ironic given that Jen is responsible for the decision in the first place – since it was the London Student editorial staff’s shameful attempt to manipulate the election which resulted in this situation. (Jen claims she had no role in the coverage: this is highly implausible, but if true simply demonstrates negligence in her duties.)

Additionally, some have used this as an opportunity to denounce ULU as a whole. Though we have taken major steps to improve it this year, ULU’s democracy is imperfect, and criticism of it is healthy. But claims that some kind of bureaucratic machine is attempting to stifle the will of London Students are bizarre – and in some cases, I am sorry to say, seem like insincere and disingenuous attempts to cover up who is really responsible for this fiasco.


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