Save Lewisham Hospital, 26th January Student Bloc

In spite of 96% opposition from local residents, South London Health Trust Special Administer Matthew Kershaw has proposed the closure Lewisham Hospital A&E, maternity and urgent care units and children’s wards and elderly care in response to unjust Private Finance Initiative (PFI) debts in the Trust. This will have a massive impact on students who live, work and study in south London. If the proposals are agreed by Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt then they will be a prelude to more general attacks on the NHS across the country.

 The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is marching on Saturday 26th January and the University of London Union (ULU) has, along with Goldsmiths Students’ Union, called a student bloc on the demonstration.

The feeder march will assemble at Goldsmiths, New Cross at 11:30am and will be joined by Lewisham College at 11:45am. We will then join the main demonstration at noon on Lewisham roundabout.

 For more information and articles to there’s some fantastic material here:


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