Monthly Archives: January 2013

UCLU Postgraduate Association part-time postgraduate survey

Here is a message from the UCLU Postgraduate Association that is of interest to part-time postgraduates and student union officers: ‘The UCLU Postgraduate Association has put together a survey in collaboration with London Higher. We are campaigning on the financial situation facing part-time students, who don’t receive the same discounts from the authorities as full-time […]

Update: The first two weeks of term

Daniel Lemberger Cooper, ULU Vice President First two weeks of the new term. (Jan 7th – 21st). Here is an update of my major areas of work as ULU Vice President over the first two weeks in January (this report is being presented to ULU Senate, it’s decision making body): 1.      Students and the workplace: […]

Solidarity with the Fire Brigades Union (FBU)!

Below is the text of a letter sent by myself and ULU President Michael Chessum to the Fire Brigades Union (FBU): As the President and Vice President of the University of London Union (ULU), we send our full solidarity to the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in their fight to halt fire station closures and stop […]

ULU Networks

The University of London Union (ULU) has set up a series of online networks to help students and students’ unions share ideas and information, co-ordinate campaigns and organise together across London. Already the Education network has played a role in organising for the National Union of Students (NUS) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) demonstrations and […]

Save Lewisham Hospital, 26th January Student Bloc

In spite of 96% opposition from local residents, South London Health Trust Special Administer Matthew Kershaw has proposed the closure Lewisham Hospital A&E, maternity and urgent care units and children’s wards and elderly care in response to unjust Private Finance Initiative (PFI) debts in the Trust. This will have a massive impact on students who […]

ULU pressing for international students oyster card changes

Together with King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU) President Thomas Clayton, I have been pushing for changes in the regulations for student oyster cards to benefit international students. As it stands, the minimum time required to be on a course in order to qualify for a student oyster card is 14 weeks. However, many Study […]