Monthly Archives: November 2012

SuperSize My Pay – my speech from the meeting

The following is a speech I gave to the meeting “Supersize my pay: how young workers in new zealand fought back against mcdonalds, and won”. In 2005/2006, young, precarious workers employed by the likes of McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and KFC organised to take on their bosses over the low pay and exploitation […]

Vote Michael Chessum in the ULU Presidential elections

As the current Vice President of the University of London Union (ULU), I wish to publicly state my support for Michael Chessum in the ULU Presidential Elections. Michael has been a tireless campaigner in the student movement, with vast experience as an organiser, a campaigner and as a source of ideas. He helped to found […]

ULU Funding Review – all should read.

Over the past month a lot of my time has been dedicated to responding to the review that is taking place into ULU. Many ULU members and supporters will be unaware this is even taking place. I wanted to write something to explain what has been going on. To put it simply: I think the […]

The Devil Pays Nada: Exploitative Unpaid Internships and Workfare, 13th November

Unpaid internships are widely seen by companies as an opportunity for free labour, resulting in young students and graduates being exploited and undersold. This is increasingly replacing paid jobs, benefitting companies more and more, and leaving graduates with little in the way of hopes of employment or a way forward in their chosen field. In […]