University of London – give workers the rights they deserve!

At the last ULU Senate meeting ULU (and all of its constituent students’ unions) agreed to support the 3Cosas Campaign – a campaign for contracted workers within the University of London to get proper sick pay, holidays, pensions – as most UoL staff already do. Below is a letter I have written to the University of London Vice Chancellor and other senior figures demanding they give the workers the rights they deserve.

For more information on the “3Cosas Campaign: sick pay, pensions and holidays”, check out: and


Dear Professor Sir Adrian Smith,

I am writing you in my capacity as ULU Vice-President and ULU Acting President to express my concern over the treatment of the outsourced workers at the University of London.  As you are well aware, the University of London’s central administration (Senate House and main academic buildings as well as the 8 intercollegiate halls of residence) currently sub-contracts with Aramark and Balfour Beatty Workplace.  As you also may know, these workers only recently started receiving the London Living Wage.  It is commendable that the University of London has agreed to ensure that all workers at the University earn at least a London Living Wage.  This policy also enjoys broad support among the student body.

However, the vast majority of the outsourced workers still do not have humane working conditions and benefits.  Most of them do not receive sick pay, have a pension policy, and receive 20 instead of 25 or 30 paid holidays.  In addition to making life very difficult for these workers, this situation is also not suitable to an institution like ours.  Workers having to work while sick or injured, being denied the right to return home to visit family, and having to retire in poverty are situations one would associate more with the 1800’s or overseas factories, than with the University of London.

This is why students and workers have united in support of the 3 Cosas Campaign, which is calling for the same sick pay, holidays, and pensions policies for all workers at the University of London, whether direct employees or outsourced workers.  At the last ULU Senate meeting, all of the constituent students’ unions of the University of London voted to support this campaign and mandated me to write you on behalf of the entire University of London student body, to insist on immediate implementation of University of London employee benefits for all outsourced workers.

Students support equal treatment of all workers in their university and I will be supporting the 3 Cosas Campaign in the coming weeks and months in garnering this student support among the 19 constituent colleges.

On behalf of the student body of the University of London, I would like to thank you for your attention to this issue and do hope that you will take immediate steps to redress the injustices currently taking place at our university.

Warmest wishes,

Daniel Lemberger Cooper

University of London Union Vice President and Acting President 2012/13 (ULU)




Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY




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