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ULU Update: early November to the end of the month

An update of my work as ULU Vice President from the beginning of November to the 26th of the same month: 1.                 NUS Demonstration: A lot of my time has been dedicated to building the national demonstration. Alongside the new President, our Campaigns and Engagement coordinator, I did a number of things: –                      ULU and […]

Letter in support of Daniel Cooper from Historians at RHUL

The following is a joint statement from members of the History department, who teach and research, at Royal Holloway University respect to the national debate about my decision to decline the invitation to lay a wreath on Remembrance Day. ** We, the undersigned, are historians who research and teach history at Royal Holloway, University of London.  […]

Defend Daniel Cooper! Defend the right to criticise war and militarism!

Defend Daniel Cooper! Defend the right to criticise war and militarism! A statement from students’ union officers and student activists – please add your name University of London Union Vice President Daniel Cooper has been attacked for declining to lay a wreath at the University of London Remembrance ceremony, because he is critical of the official Remembrance campaign. We […]

More thoughts on Remembrance: a response to comments

Last Friday I published a letter explaining why I declined an invitation to participate in the University of London Remembrance ceremony. That letter has met with controversy. This statement is an attempt to further explain my position and respond to some of the accusations made against me. Excuse the length of this post, however I feel […]

Why I declined an invitation to lay a wreath at the UoL’s rememberance service

I was invited, as Acting President of ULU, to lay a wreath at today’s University of London remembrance service. I have declined this invitation on principle: this letter explains why. If you want to discuss these issues further, I am organizing a meeting in ULU on Thursday 17 November at 7pm in room 3C to […]

University of London – give workers the rights they deserve!

At the last ULU Senate meeting ULU (and all of its constituent students’ unions) agreed to support the 3Cosas Campaign – a campaign for contracted workers within the University of London to get proper sick pay, holidays, pensions – as most UoL staff already do. Below is a letter I have written to the University […]

Update of my activity – mid October to beginning of November

Here is an update of my activity as ULU Vice President from mid – October to the beginning of November: –          3Cosas Campaign: Last year workers at the University of London won a campaign to have the London Living wage implemented at the UoL. This finally happened in July, 2012. However, contracted workers are now […]