ULU VP supports UCLU Carpenter’s Campaign

As the Vice President of the University of London Union (ULU), I wish to state my total opposition to University College London (UCL) management’s plans to build a new campus on the site of Carpenter’s Estate in Newham. I offer my full support to the campaign to stop these plans to bulldoze a community, against the wishes of residents, academics, students and UCL students’ union (UCLU). This is not the way a university should behave.

At ULU we have experienced the expansionist plans of UCL management, who over many years have stated a desire to take over the ULU buildings and interfere with the spaces and services used by other University of London students. We hope to work with the Carpenter’s campaign and any other activists to make sure that the growth of UCL meets the needs of UCL and other University of London students, as well as local residents and anyone else impacted by the potential consequences of expansion.

There will be a meeting at the AV Hill Lecture Theatre at UCL on Wednesday 31st October at 6pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/331562460275775/?fref=ts



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