Support the cleaners at Société Générale. Demo today at 5pm, Tower Gateway.

As Vice President ULU, I wish to add my support for the struggle of the cleaners at the Société Générale.
I urge people to support the protest at 5pm today (26th September) at Tower Hill and to sign the petition below.

Members of the union Industrial Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) who clean the London branch in Tower Hill of the second largest bank in France, Société Générale, have had their hours slashed by 50% effective as of Monday 24th September 2012.

This comes just after the cleaners won the London Living Wage and is an attempt by the bank, which made almost £2bn in profits last year, to avoid shouldering the minimal cost of lifting their cleaning staff out of poverty pay.

After an impressive campaign which involved regular street protests outside the bank and was supported by many students and labour movement activists, including members of Workers’ Liberty, the IWGB members have been suspended. This is disgraceful and represents an attack not only on the cleaners themselves but on the wider movement. The union is demanding:

• the immediate re-instatement of the cleaners
•  the removal of this suspension from their employment records
• the sacking of the managers at Initial Facilities who authorised the unlawful suspension of the cleaners
• no cuts to the cleaners’ hours

Please sign this petition and forward on in support of cleaners who have been suspended for unionising

More info:



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