Oppose the New College of Humanities!

Activists opposed to the opening of A.C. Grayling’s private New College of Humanities held a vibrant protest outside the Bedford Square site today.

University of London Union (ULU) Vice President Daniel Cooper said in support of the protest:

“The New College of Humanities is not only Anthony Grayling’s personal vanity project but marks a worrying development in the campaign to subordinate learning to the profit motive. Contrary to Grayling’s previous assertions that the college was not a for-profit venture, it has now become the subsidiary of a profit-distributing company called Tertiary Education Services Limited run by venture capitalists and other investors.”

“This means that at a time when public higher education is under an unprecedented threat from cutbacks, closures and pressure on staff pay and conditions, the New College of Humanities has, under the cover of so-called ‘star professors’ such as Niall Ferguson and Richard Dawkins, created a back door for private capital to muscle in.”

“The college charges students £18,000 which not only normalises and exacerbates the trend towards ever-higher tuition fees but creates a situation where the ability to pay trumps the willingness to learn. The proliferation of private colleges such as Grayling’s can only have a disastrous impact on access to higher education.”

For press or media, contact daniel.cooper@ulu.lon.ac.uk


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