ULU Presidential elections – Nominations Open

Nominations for ULU President elections opened today, the 21st September, closing on the 28th October. I sent the email below to each of the leading officers on every campus in ULU. See the poster above.


Hi everyone!

I am writing to you as the lead officers at the local ULU colleges with some exciting news – nominations for ULU President have officially opened!

Here are the full details of the elections: http://www.ulu.co.uk/elections including:

–          A Welcome from the Returning Officer, Rob Park.

–          An elections timetable.

–          Nominations Poster.

–          Voting information.

–          Nomination forms and election regulation packs.

We will be sending out posters to local colleges for you to put up on your campuses. I have also attached the official nominations ‘you should run’ poster.

Please do pass this onto your fellow officers, general managers, student media outlets and put the details on your SU website/tweet/FACEBOOK them so your members are fully aware of the ULU elections.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions you or your members have.  I will be in touch soon to discuss how we run the elections on each campus and further publicity.  

Thanks all,

 Speak soon,

Daniel Cooper


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