South African miners murdered by police: condemn these attacks and support the mine workers’ fight for dignity

On Thursday 16 August, striking workers at the Marikana Mine in South Africa, which produces platinum for London-based company Lonmin, were shot at by police. 34 have been confirmed dead and over 80 injured.

Incredibly, murder charges were brought not against the police, but against 270 strikers! These have now been dropped. Nonetheless, we condemn the outrageous attack on our brothers and sisters, struggling for a decent life while doing some of the most dangerous and exploitative work on the planet. The dispute is now spreading to workers across South Africa’s enormous mining sector. We support their continuing struggle.

To add your name, email:

Dan Cooper, University of London Union VP

Alusine K Alpha, Bradford SU Secretary Treasurer and NCAFC Co-Black Students’ Officer

Michael Chessum, NUS National Executive

Leander Jones, Birmingham Guild of Students VP Democracy & Resources

Edmund Schluessel, Cardiff University, NCAFC International Students’ Officer

Andrew Tindall, Aberystwyth University

Esther Townsend, University of East London

Matt Chadkirk, Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance

Luke Neal, Newcastle Free Education Network

Bob Sutton, University of East London, NCAFC Steering Committee

Simon Furse, Birmingham Guild of Students VP Education

Lewis Barton, University of the Creative Arts

Matthew Franklin, Birmingham University

Sarah Weston, Liverpool, NCAFC National Committee

Jade Baker, Goldsmiths University

Grant Clarke, Portsmouth University SU VP Activities

Luke Frost, University of the Creative Arts Maidstone Campus Officer

Steve Martin, University of the Creative Arts Farnham Campus Officer

Luke Hoggarth, Bradford SU Disabled Students’ Officer

Enrico Turino

Antonio Malafronte

Rossella Ferrandino

Daniele Ricci

Giulia Duranti

William Tuckwell

Liam Gibbons

Rob Henthorn


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