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Support the cleaners at Société Générale. Demo today at 5pm, Tower Gateway.

As Vice President ULU, I wish to add my support for the struggle of the cleaners at the Société Générale. I urge people to support the protest at 5pm today (26th September) at Tower Hill and to sign the petition below. Members of the union Industrial Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) who clean the London […]

Thoughts on the London Student ‘Great Debate’ on “Unisex Toilets”

As the lead officer at ULU, I have felt compelled to write something publically on “The Great Debate – Should Unisex toilets exist on university campuses” in the first edition of the London Student, in particular the “No” side, put forward by LSE Government student, Jason Wong. In the article Wong implies that he is […]

Oppose the New College of Humanities!

Activists opposed to the opening of A.C. Grayling’s private New College of Humanities held a vibrant protest outside the Bedford Square site today. University of London Union (ULU) Vice President Daniel Cooper said in support of the protest: “The New College of Humanities is not only Anthony Grayling’s personal vanity project but marks a worrying […]

ULU Presidential elections – Nominations Open

Nominations for ULU President elections opened today, the 21st September, closing on the 28th October. I sent the email below to each of the leading officers on every campus in ULU. See the poster above. ** Hi everyone! I am writing to you as the lead officers at the local ULU colleges with some exciting […]

“Plight of young jobless”, Evening Standard Special report – response from ULU Vice President, Daniel Cooper

The London newspaper, the Evening Standard, has this week (19th/20th September) started a “Special report”into the high level of joblessness amongst young people, and in particular recent graduates. Today’s Evening Standard Front Page reads: “Special report: A degree in architecture … but all I can get are menial jobs. This young Londoner (a young Londoner […]

South African miners murdered by police: condemn these attacks and support the mine workers’ fight for dignity

On Thursday 16 August, striking workers at the Marikana Mine in South Africa, which produces platinum for London-based company Lonmin, were shot at by police. 34 have been confirmed dead and over 80 injured. Incredibly, murder charges were brought not against the police, but against 270 strikers! These have now been dropped. Nonetheless, we condemn […]

‘Work full-time for no pay or lose your benefits’, says employment minister – A RESPONSE

I have been working recently with University of Arts London Students’ Union and LSE SU on building a campaign against unpaid internships and the myriad different (dreadfully paid/conditions) work-schemes the government is putting forward for people in the UK. This will involve a meeting in November, and possibly further action, but are kicking it off […]