Statement on departure of Sean Rillo Rackza (President-elect) from ULU

University of London Union (ULU) President-elect Sean Rillo Raczka has resigned. This means that I will become Acting President when I take office as ULU VP at the start  of August.

I wish Sean all the best in the future and look forward to working  with him in the student movement and beyond.

The first thing ULU members must fight to ensure is that Sean’s  replacement is elected democratically. The official statement announcing Sean’s resignation said that “measures will be put in place  to ensure that a new President is appointed during a by-election at  the beginning of the next academic year”. If a sabbatical had resigned  well into the academic year, that would be understandable. But at this  point there can be no excuse for not holding a proper, balloted  election of all ULU members. I would advocate that such an election takes place in October or November. Meanwhile I will push to review election regulations and procedures to ensure a fair, transparent and well-publicised election which gives us a fresh opportunity to re-engage our members.

Beyond that, I hope the results of any election will reaffirm what I believe my election in February affirmed – the desire for a ULU which is both a both a vibrant centre for activism and campaigning and an efficient, professional and well-organised representative and servicing body. For me, the two go together. Only on that basis can we take on the many challenges we face, from fighting cuts and the government’s chilling plans for education to providing strong support  for sports teams and societies, from organising the growing number of students who work to developing our lobbying capacities.

We have an opportunity to rebuild ULU on a new foundation, to make it the effective and credible union students across London need. In the next few weeks I will be meeting student sabbaticals, officers and activists across London to help make that happen.

Please feel free to get in touch.

Daniel Cooper


“Statement regarding the resignation of ULU President-elect, Sean Rillo Raczka, by Abduttayyeb Hassanali

We can confirm that Sean Rillo Raczka, Vice President and President-elect of the University of London Union (ULU), will be leaving his post at the end of his current term and therefore will not be commencing office as ULU President 2012-2013.

The reasoning behind Sean’s resignation currently remains private, andwe request that students appreciate his situation by maintaining this confidentiality. Sean has been a dedicated activist for ULU and the student movement during a career spanning over half a decade.

Measures will be put in place to ensure that a new President is appointed during a by-election at the beginning of the next academic year in the most appropriate manner. Students will be further notified of this procedure once the details have been organised.

Everyone at ULU would like to take this opportunity to wish Sean all the very best for the future.”


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