NUS’s political paralysis is intimately linked to its weakened democracy and swelling bureaucracy. Millions and millions are spent on bureaucratic nonsense. That is a large part of why, despite being such a vast and well-funded organisation, the national union achieves so little. I stand for cutting back NUS bureaucracy and redirecting funds to democracy and […]

In the run up to NUS conference, I’ve received a request from some activists for more information about my position on Israel-Palestine. I have produced this short statement because I believe the question of international solidarity is vital for the student movement – and also because I suspect some misinformation about what I think is […]

Like every serious piece of resistance to the Tories’ attacks, student struggles have suffered a major crackdown from the state as well as university managements – particularly this academic year. As well as a suspensions and disciplinary charges, we’ve seen the police repeatedly called onto campuses to batter student protests. At University of London, where […]

Student loans being privatised. A threat to cut grants by 40 percent. Discussion of even higher fees. All this is the predictable result of NUS’s failure to fight earlier attacks on students. Every time fees have risen, it has not only helped push forward the marketisation of higher education, but embolded the Government and university […]

In the lead up to NUS conference, I will be releasing briefings every day that explain what I stand for on a series of different issues. What I write below is partly an alternative set of ideas, policies and practices for NUS if and when we create a better NUS leadership – but it’s also […]

A couple of weeks ago there was a controversy in the London student movement about the attempt of the Socialist Workers’ Party to book rooms at University of London Union for their annual public conference “Marxism” – because of the SWP’s handling of sexual assault allegations and the broader political issues about sexism and women’s […]

There are four candidates for NUS President: incumbent Toni Pearce, who is politically similar to the leadership of the Labour Party; Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Officer and a supporter of Student Broad Left/Socialist Action group; UKIP activist Jack Duffin; and myself. I am standing as a socialist, to support and build grassroots student struggles […]